Heard a little about Alexander Technique and not sure what it is? An introductory workshop is a good place to find out more. You'll get an experience of lightness and ease in your body, and learn ways to start developing this for yourself.

Workshops and Talks Coming Up

Musicians: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

   Sunday March 25 , 2pm to 4pm

Learn the basics of the Alexander Technique and how to apply it to playing your instrument. For musicians and music teachers. Held at the Flute Tree in Leichhardt, numbers are limited to 10.

For further information please email me at .

Introductory Workshops at Parramatta College

   Saturday April 7 , 1.30pm to 4.30pm

   Saturday May 19 , 1.30 to 4.30pm

Held at the Western Sydney Skills Hub in North Parramatta. For bookings and more information see the Parramatta College website.

Bradley Newman teaches the Alexander Technique in Sydney. For more information see alexandersydneywest.com.au or email Bradley on .