Alexander Technique with Bradley Newman Alexander Technique with Bradley Newman

Are you interested in learning the Alexander Technique?

What happens in a lesson

The Alexander Technique is something you learn, rather than a form of treatment.

A lesson aims to give the student an experience of moving and holding their bodies in a better way, as well as a means of practising this for themselves between lessons. The teacher uses their hands to gently guide the student while also giving verbal explanation for the student to apply.

Simple movements are used at first - sitting, standing, walking - so the student can learn to prevent unnecessary and interfering habits. As the student improves, they can apply their new skills to more complex activities such as singing, running, playing the piano - whatever is most relevant to them.

As teaching is hands on, lessons are one-to-one.

Lessons cost $80 and last about 40 to 45 minutes.
Discounts apply for students.
Discounts also apply if more than one lesson is taken per week.