Alexander Technique with Bradley Newman Alexander Technique with Bradley Newman

Back pain  RSI  Poor posture  Neck pain  Excessive tension  Frozen shoulder

These are just a few of the issues people have resolved with the Alexander Technique

I'd been working as a full time pianist when I developed RSI

After a few years slumped over a desk studying science at university, and then a few more years working full time as a pianist, I found myself in trouble - I had pins and needles in both arms, muscle pain and fatigue in my arms and shoulders. Some treatments helped for a while, but the pain always returned - I still played piano in a similar way, a way that damaged my body. The Alexander Technique taught me to do things differently, more efficently. It helped me return to playing, and now I can play eight hours a day if needed, confident the old pain can't return. I want to teach other people the lessons I have learnt - that we can damage ourselves if we mis-use ourselves; that we may not be aware we are doing this; that we continue to harm ourselves simply by doing things they way we always have. I teach people to change this, and they understand how to use their bodies efficiently, reliably, confidently. And better health follows.